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Manufacture Process

Customer Demand
Product Development
-New product development.
-OEM/ODM service.
-Customization service.
Product Design
  • An integrated design system, from the continuous discussion to the final confirmation.
  • 2D CAD /3D Solidworks for professional design and visualization.
  • Accurate rapid design development with techniques and know-how in full use.
Mold Development
  • According to the product design to develop the high precision mold.
Mold Testing
  • Quality verification of the prototype.
  • Comprehensively exam and make sure the mold is functional well.
Injection Molding
  • Equipped with high performance injection molding machine.
  • High production rates, wide range of materials use.
  • Assembly to semi-finished products
  • Disciplined standardized work
Quality Control
  • Equipped with the leakage testing instruments
  • Air pressure testing
  • Water pressure testing
  • High yield rate and on time delivery